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  1. Matthew
    Great video
    I do want to comment on one part I feel could be a concern
    At the beginning of the video you and Wes briefly talk about protected classes and discrimination
    Then say that an applicant must have a “job”
    This could be a cause for concern
    Disabled persons may not have a “job”, but they may have enough verifiable income from disability or other sources to qualify.
    Other examples of income that should be included are: SSI, Retirement, Housing assistant, Food stamps.
    Point is, do not say “job”. Many persons that are members of a protected class may receive income from sources other that a “job”.
    Instead, ask for sources of income
    Is the source of income verifiable? check or Pay stub, bank deposits, other documentation.
    Is the source of income well established or new.
    Is the source of income steady, long term, sporadic, or one time.

    Thank you
    Rick Cantrell