Tempest Broadcasting was founded by independent publisher and business author, Matthew Chan.  He currently serve dual roles as Executive Producer & Show Director.

The origins of Tempest Broadcasting began in 2007 when Matthew began producing educational and marketing videos as an extension of his independent publishing ventures. projects. He produced video commentary and scam-busting videos as Internet-based supplements to local news coverage of the Cobra Collection Scam.

From the success of those video projects, Matthew realized that there was a need for business owners and business professionals to create closer relationships and create an ongoing dialog that went beyond traditional podcasts and social media. He realized that producing simple videos was no longer sufficient. His current business ventures demanded he get into “show” business. And Tempest Broadcasting was formed.

Tempest Broadcasting produces engaging business reality and business talks shows for business owners, authors, professionals, and other experts who want to create deep, personalized relationships with their audience through informative entertainment. Our shows are diverse and serve very specific niche audiences.

Creating “entertaining informative conversations” is one of the show formats used within Tempest Broadcasting. “Business reality” will become a growing format within Tempest Broadcasting.

The culture and philosophy of Tempest Broadcasting is that every show will have an audience. The key is to find your niche beginning with an audience of one then “getting out there” to build and find your audience.

We make shows that have real but also entertaining and informative conversations that we would want to listen to if we were in the audience.



Executive Producer & Show Director: Matthew Chan
E-mail:  matt30060 at gmail